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by Chelsea McCafferty

Burdened for the Lost

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“Jesus died Mommy,” said my darling little five year-old Princess, having just returned from VBS last night.

“That’s true,” I replied. “And why did He die?”

“He saved us,” she answered. “He saved me, and my friends, and you!”

“Yes He did,” I said, blessed in my heart that she understood this concept. “And is that why we love Him so much?”

“At VBS I got to pet a chicken and a horsey and a turtle!”

Ah well! haha Lovely fleeting moment!

When I think about the cross, I’m reminded of my sin and how much it cost my Savior. I’m reminded that He paid a hefty price for my soul. He gave everything to redeem me. He saved me with His very life. It’s an overwhelming thought and one that always fills me with awe, gratitude and love for my Jesus.

There’s another emotion that always follows when I meditate on Christ’s death on the cross… it’s a feeling of burden. That may seem strange to you. After all, didn’t Christ die to free us from burden? Absolutely! We were freed from the chains of sin and death. Those burdens have been cast off and crushed by the death and resurrection of our Mighty God. Amen!

So what is this burden I feel?

It’s a burden for the lost. it’s a deep yearning for those who don’t know Jesus to open their hearts to Him. It’s a holy calling to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others. It’s a need to fulfill that great commission and it breeds in me a commitment to follow Christ where ever He may lead me to bring the good news of His grace and mercy and love to the world. That’s the burden I feel.

When I look at this world, I see such darkness and devastation. We see addiction and depression. We hear of war and ruin. There is evil and despair and hopelessness lurking everywhere. Divorce is running rampant. Children are being seduced and abused. They are witnessing atrocities on the television and even worse in their homes. Sickness is growing and mutating. Lives are being ruined by sex trafficking, violence, abuse, drugs and alcohol, and every evil tool of the enemy and man’s wicked heart. it’s getting bad folks. This world needs Jesus now.

He saved us! My daughter said it so perfectly last night. He saved us from it all. He saved us from our sin…ourselves. So now that we’re saved, do we go on living as selfish, self-centered people? Wait a minute! That’s what we were before! We were selfish people who sinned to feed our greed and our lusts for the things of this world. So we give our lives to Christ and He changes our desires. We turn from sin and love not the ways of the world. Yet, so many Christians still maintain that selfish way of thinking, and it makes them ineffective in fulfilling the call of God to make disciples.

If you missed what I was trying to express there, let me put it another way: if you are a Christian, you should have a burden for the lost. You should feel called to share the gospel, disciple younger believers (in the Lord) and to go where God sends you. Being a Christian is not about receiving salvation and then building our own little heaven on earth. It’s not about keeping it to ourselves. If you are a Christian, you should be sharing the gospel. You should be discipling others. If you arent, you’re missing the mark, dear one. You’re missing half of the equation. You’re saved but you haven’t adopted the heart of Jesus. His heart was to saved His children. Your heart should be to take that message to the world!

I pray that we are never too busy to do that most important mission on earth…. to make Christ known and to make disciples. People are hurting. They need Him. We are called to do something about that!

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Who’s Kingdom Are We Building Anyway? God’s or Ours?

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The gospel message is for you. It’s for me and my family. It’s for the members of our church, and God wants it to be lovingly spoken into every ear around the world. Jesus told the apostles to go back disciples. it is the great commission, and the pattern we see as we study the New Testament church. Go! Share the gospel! Make disciples! That is building the kingdom of God. Yet….

Sometimes here in America, the church loses sight of that calling. You see, they forget that the apostles walked away from their lives, left their nets in the boat, said farewell to their families and followed Jesus. When Jesus had ascended into heaven after the resurrection, they waited for the Holy Spirit to fall on them and empower them. After that, there was no stopping them. They preached the gospel and made disciples until most were martyred. They were building the kingdom of God.

You see the problem with the American church is that so often, even under the best intentions, we are not focused on building the kingdom of God, but rather building “our” kingdom “in” God. What does that mean? It means we are Christians who love the Lord and study His Word. We apply His Word to our lives and live more lifestyles through the power of the Holy Spirit. We build happy homes based on God’s Word. We raise God-fearing children and train them up to love and serve Jesus. We build strong churches, teaching the Word with diligence and fellowshipping one with another in one accord.

That sounds great, doesn’t it? So, what’s the problem?

There’s nothing wrong with what this church is doing. What’s wrong is what they aren’t doing. When a church grows to maturity, we should be seeing a reflection of what the New Testament church modeled for us. We should see people being saved, discipled, trained up to maturity and then we should see people being sent out to missions or church planting or to serve on a team in that capacity. That’s the goal. A healthy church is raising up preachers and sending them out. If we aren’t doing that, something is wrong.

Not everyone in the body of Christ has the same calling. Not all are called to be teachers, elders, ministry leaders, etc. We are, however, all called to be sharing the gospel and making disciples. We are ALL called to be unattached to this world, so that when the Spirit moves us to go, we are not too tied down in our own “kingdom” to follow. A spiritually healthy church is sending out teams of servants to plant churches, whether locally or on foreign ground. A church that isn’t doing this, is not fulfilling the great commission and missing out on the blessings that come from building the kingdom of God.

We build our own kingdoms in God. We establish our own footings. We have our jobs, our homes, our commitments, our community, our safety zone and our church. We have no intention of uprooting any of it. We just build up our own families and our own church. We just focus inwardly. We just are constantly focused on making ourselves better Christians. We are just missing the mark. We are missing the point.

Oh Lord, I pray that we be ready to move when you send us! Whether it be to help plant a church in another town, or another country, let us never be too comfortable and too settled in that we are too busy building our own kingdom and not obedient to Your call to go and make disciples for Your kingdom. Help us to see where we are missing the mark.

I encourage each of us to examine our hearts. Have we been building our own kingdom in God and not building God’s kingdom by raising up and sending out, or going ourselves? You know, not everyone who goes it is going to be a pastor/teacher. A church plant has many needs: administrator, youth leaders, elders, worship leaders, teachers, etc. You may not be called to be a pastor, but maybe you’re called to come alongside a teacher to help with a church plant? Are you willing to ask God if He wants to send you? Or are you too tied down? Pray for God to show you, and He will. He will lead us out.

“For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard?fn And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!””Romans 10:13-15


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