Keeper of His Home

by Chelsea McCafferty

Sarah and Rebekah – Manipulators

I was pondering Sarah (wife of Abraham) and her daughter-in-law Rebekah (wife of Isaac) and the similarities between the two. Their stories can be found in the book of Genesis. While Sarah and Rebekah never met due to Sarah’s death just prior to Isaac taking his bride, the two had much in common. Both women were sometimes good examples of wives who follow their husbands. Sarah followed Abraham out into the unknown without so much as an explanation when Abraham heard from the Lord. Rebekah followed Abraham’s servant to become the wife of Isaac, whom she didn’t even know. She didn’t even question the Lord’s plan but followed.

While in some ways these women were good examples, I can’t help but see how they were also both bad examples of manipulating their husbands. Sarah wanted an heir for Abraham and, instead of waiting on the Lord to fulfill His promise of a son, she persuaded her husband to conceive a child with her handmaid. This led to much heartache, pain and strife for generations to come (as we can clearly see in the constant warring between the Arabs (the descendents of Ishmael) and the Jews (descendents of Isaac).

Rebekah also manipulated her husband Isaac. She too was unwilling to listen to the Lord. He had promised that the younger of her twin sons, Jacob, would lead and the elder, Esau, would serve him. Still, despite God’s promised plan, when Rebekah thought her husband would give the blessing to Esau instead of Jacob, she persuaded her son Jacob to deceiver his father—her husband—again leading to a family and nations torn apart.

What can we learn from these two women? Ladies whenever we take matters into our own hands and think that we can accomplish God’s bidding in our own flesh through manipulation and wicked planning we will bring destruction on our homes and families. God never desires us to deceive our husbands or manipulate them, even to achieve what seems at the time a worthy mission. We need to trust the Lord, honor our husbands and leave the rest in God’s hands! Amen!

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Rejoicing with Your Husband

“Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth.”

Proverbs 5:18

With so many trials, tribulations, hardships and struggles coming in day after day, it can be so easy to get bogged down in stress and anxiety. We know the Lord has told us to trust in Him, to be anxious for nothing and to give Him our burdens, but these are not easy times to live in. I think about Paul when he was imprisoned and still wrote to believers encouraging them to rejoice in their afflictions. What faith! What joy! That kind of joy has nothing to do with our circumstances because it is entirely based on the power of the Holy Spirit and the knowledge of Christ Jesus who bled and died on that cross for our sins. Amen!

Sisters, we as wives and mothers are very influential in setting the tone in our homes. It doesn’t matter what circumstances we are living through, nor what kind of husband we are married to, we have the strength and power through Christ Jesus to exude joy in even the worst of circumstances. We have the power to influence our husbands and children towards either stress and anxiety, or joy and peace by our own attitudes and hearts. If we are faithful to trust in the Lord during rough days and to really live out the joy of salvation in our homes, our children will follow. Our husbands will appreciate our good attitudes. Their hearts will be lightened by our smiles and ease. A joyful countenance is a mighty thing and we all have the ability to be joyful no matter what trials are at our doorsteps because of what Jesus did for us. Amen? He endured the cross, the humiliation, suffering and stripes so that we could spend eternity with Him in paradise! We have so much to rejoice about!!

So when the hubby comes home, even if the bills are stacking up and the children have been misbehaving and everything seems to be going wrong, let’s be the kind of wives that our husbands can rejoice with. Let’s fill our home with joy and peace and hope and know that God is in control!

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