Keeper of His Home

by Chelsea McCafferty

Thanking You Readers with a Giveaway – Want a Brand New Rice Cooker?

500 Facebook Like Celebration Giveaway!!!

We did it! We reached over 500 Facebook Likes and now it’s time to have some fun and giveaway some great prizes. This is the perfect time, just as the holiday season starts to roll in. Below you will see the list of prizes being donated by some wonderful people who own Etsy shops. Please visit their shops and look around. Let them know what you like and that we sent you over. This giveaway will have a Grand Winner and 2 Additional Winners. Follow all the instructions to get as many entry points as possible! The giveaway is live now and will run until November 11th.

Enter Giveaway Here:

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 thBlack and Decker Rice Cooker!!!!

Yes! This rice cooker will make preparing rice so easy and care-free. It has received excellent reviews and is very easy to use. The Grand Prize winner will be delivered the rice cooker directly from the store.

Winner #2 Will Receive….

Signed Copy of “Keeper of His Home” by Chelsea McCafferty

book cover


Rustic John 3:16 Nails Ornament by MegandMosClubhouse

I absolutely love this ornament. It is rustic and charming, and it is a great way to keep Christ’s sacrifice at the forefront of our holiday celebrations. Check out their other lovely products HERE.


Winner #3 Will Receive….

Proverbs 31 Fearless Ladies T-Shirt by Set Free Apparel

We are so inspired by the Proverbs 31 woman and this shirt is a great way to own who we are in Jesus Christ. A fearless, Proverbs 31 woman who is proud to follow the Lord! I love all of the t-shirts at this shop. There are shirts for men and women with great messages. Check out the shop HERE.



Elegant Nativity Scene Ornament by Jims Wood Studio

This ornament, as well as the many other wonderful products at this shop, adds warmth, elegance and a Jesus-centered theme to your Christmas tree. Love the artistry. Visit the shop HERE to see more beautiful ornaments.


Winner #4 Will Receive…

Cinnamon Sticks Candle by Still Water Candles

I LOVE CANDLES! Janelle from Still Water Candles has some really beautiful candles and scents available at her shop. I just fell in love with the cinnamon sticks candle below. It is warm, very Christmassy and would look great as a part of a centerpiece. Check out her store HERE.



“Messiah” Heart Ornament by Petticoat Junkin

I fell in love with all of the products at Petticoat Junkin. I especially love these heart ornaments with such beautiful and inspirational words. “Messiah” has come! Therefore let’s make sure our Christmas tree this year boasts of His birth. Visit the shop HERE to see more.



a Rafflecopter giveaway



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Lilla Rose Review & Giveaway

Lilla Rose Review & Giveaway!


Yay! I’m so excited to be sharing this review & giveaway with you dear sisters. If you have never heard of Lilla Rose (as I myself hadn’t a few weeks ago), you are going to be as delighted as I am to learn about this wonderful company and the beautiful, convenient hair accessories they offer. Lilla Rose consultant Elizabeth Ours generously sent me three flexiclips to try out. The picture above is one of my favorites in my hair. SO CUTE! Here is my Review on the clips:

Review of Lilla Rose Flexiclips

First of all, just let me tell you how impressed I was upon opening the package and finding these three lovely clips. I received three different sizes. My thoughts at first glance were 1. They are gorgeous! and 2. How do they work? haha I quickly figured out the answer to number 2 and from there on in I was sold on these flexiclips!

Let me preface this by saying that I have always had “difficult” hair. I have big, messy curls and my hair is quite long. I have always had a hard time finding hair accessories that work for me and I especially hate it when clips snag my hair and end up causing breakage. That being said, these flexiclips are unlike any I have tried before. They are extremely easy to put in and even easier to take out. The moving pin that holds them in place slides easily into a slot and can be tightened according to need and preference. Then, when you are taking it out, you just pull on the end of the pin and it comes right out! No snagging and no breakage! I was shocked!

I was also impressed by how well they worked in my hair, and I that’s with difficult hair. I tried one on my daughter (pic below), who has totally different hair than myself, and it was perfect for her too. That’s the incredible design of the flexiclips.


The clips are incredibly convenient and easy to use, not to mention beautiful. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, colors and themes. Lilla Rose carries the flexiclips and also offers hair sticks, beautiful bobby pins and much more. You have to check out the website! You’re going to fall in love with Lilla Rose, as I have! Below are a few more pics of my hair with Lilla Rose flexiclips.


And here are some pics of other hair types/styles with Lilla Rose clips/accessories



Lilla Rose Giveaway

Want to win one of these beautiful clips for yourself? Click HERE to enter our giveaway for a chance to select your own clip (up to $16 value) from Elizabeth Our’s Lilla Rose Website. Winner will be chosen on April 4th. Enter today! You’re going to love Lilla Rose!

***To enter the giveaway you must be new to Lilla Rose and must not already have a Lilla Rose Consultant. This is to avoid stepping on any toes or taking business from other consultants. 🙂


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