Keeper of His Home

by Chelsea McCafferty

Chronic Lyme Disease

I had been sick and getting sicker for over 6 years before I found out that I was suffering from Chronic Lyme Disease. This is a tick-borne disease that really attacks your body throughout all of your systems. It’s pretty awful. I’ve been treating it with a specialist for over a year now and seeing some improvement, praise God.

There’s nothing easy about being chronically ill. It has changed my life in so many ways. I can no longer keep up with all of the tasks of keeping house the way I like it to be kept. I push through as best I can, but I rely heavily on the Lord and my family. My husband is very supportive, but it has been hard on the marriage, as I’ve struggled with figuring out what it looks like to be a wife and mother who is often down with sickness. I’m grateful that we have a firm foundation in the Lord and that He has continued to walk with us, work with us and challenge us to continue growing.

As the name suggests, Chronic Lyme Disease is not something that is easily treated. Once the infection has become chronic, it usually is always there in some degree, but people do go into remission. It is something of a controversial disease as well, which means that insurance companies usually do not cover treatment costs. When I see my Lyme specialists, I’m always paying cash out of pocket. The costs are huge and it often leaves people bankrupt. Thus I’m always having to do fundraisers to raise money for treatment.

If you have been blessed abundantly and are interested in helping with my Lyme treatment, please visit my Go Fund Me page HERE. Thank you for your generosity and love offering. These donations have been the difference between life and death for me in dealing with this horrible affliction.

If you’d like to learn more about Chronic Lyme Disease, I do have a blog set up to provide information and updates on my condition. Click War on Lyme to check it out.

I appreciate your continued prayers and support as we fight to beat this thing. God is good and He always has a purpose for our suffering. I will continue to trust in Him all of my days, even to the grave. God bless!

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