Keeper of His Home

by Chelsea McCafferty

A Letter of Hope to Celebrities

on August 13, 2014

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Dear celebrities, stars, actors, athletes and musicians. To anyone who is in the spotlight often and has a name that draws a crowd. To the rich and powerful, the famous and adored, on the screen, camera and stage. This message is for you. I pray, as I write this, that somehow these words from this unknown blogger/mother/humble music teacher will find their way to you and bless and encourage you and give you hope.

I confess that much of my life I have believed a lie. You see I grew up in humble surroundings. We weren’t in poverty, by any means, but also never quite had enough to pay the bills comfortably. I vowed to become a doctor or lawyer and to have bank accounts with endless possibilities. I didn’t. I became a private music teacher – a job that I find most fulfilling and rewarding. In other words, I may not have a BMW or be able to flit off to Europe whenever the mood takes me, but I do have the joy and honor of staying home to raise my precious daughter, as well as investing in the enriching of the lives of the many wonderful children I work with. I get to teach them to love music, to express themselves through perfectly-appointed notes, and to see the pride in their eyes when they make music. At the same point, we continue to live modestly, without much extra than the basic needs being met, and grateful for those provisions.

Why am I sharing this? We were talking about a certain lie. There is a lie that is believed by many, including this writer for a time, that money, riches and fame brings happiness and joy. We see the materialism of a lifestyle we can’t personally possess and imagine how good it would feel to be famous, adored and, most of all, have all of the fine pleasures that money can buy. We see the beautiful clothes, cars, mansions and jewelry. On the screen, celebrities seem so happy and care-free. We are buying into an illusion that having all of these “things” will make us as happy as it seems to make you. Alas, it’s an illusion.

While materialism can bring temporary pangs of fulfillment and excitement, these are all passing experiences. While the sparkling smiles of beautiful people on the red carpet seem so alluring, for many celebrities, it is nothing more than a continuing act. Many are merely putting on a show. How do we know? We know because we see the news reports and the chaos and pain that so many celebrities are dealing with in their real lives.

A few days ago we lost the beloved Robin Williams. His suicide hit me hard. I was just so very sad to know he was gone and that he was in so much pain that he chose to take his life. Depression. He was adored by millions of fans, loved by his family and every person who ever knew him, and had all of the material “things” that we think makes people happy, but in the end it wasn’t enough. It didn’t satisfy. I think of all of the stars who have died due to drug overdoses, or who spend so much time in rehab. I recall the young celebrities and singers who rise to fame quickly and end up burning out. They start out so fresh and innocent, but they spiral out of control. We hear of rapid divorces, heartbreak, loss, suicide, addiction and criminal activity and we wonder “why”? Why would these people – who seem to have everything the world calls good and fulfilling – why would they do this to themselves? Why aren’t they just happy?

Now, I know many of you celebrities are happy and content and not struggling with these problems. By no means would I want to overgeneralize. Many of you have wonderful marriages, a satisfying life, health, etc. However, there are many of you who, just like us, are struggling day by day with the demons in your life. And perhaps it is because of the “lie” that you suffer more. Perhaps no one sees your pain because they are blinded by the flash of the cameras and the sparkling of the jewelry. Maybe you are afraid to open up about your hurt because you want us to see the magazine-cover version of you and you’re afraid we’ll be disappointed if we see the truth. It could be that, in believing this lie, we have assumed you must be happy and healthy, and therefore not offered you the compassion, concern and support you’ve desperately needed. Sometimes the loneliest people in the world are those who are “known” by everyone but really known by no one.

To those celebrities who are suffering, and even to those who are not, I want to encourage you. You may have plenty of money, material things, fame, popularity and power, but what you really need is hope. True hope isn’t found in there. True, lasting joy isn’t acquired with money or fame. Those things will let you down. They will fade away. They will leave you empty. True hope is found only… Jesus Christ.

That’s right. Jesus Christ. I’m not talking about religion or rules or man’s tradition. I’m talking about Jesus. Right now there are Christians being martyred and persecuted around the world, who have no riches and barely enough to eat, who are more satisfied and fulfilled and overflowing with joy and hope than most of the uber-wealthy living in the mansions in Beverly Hills. Why? Jesus! They have Jesus. They Him and are known by Him. It’s not religion…it’s freedom. Freedom from the sin, the evil and the self-centeredness that leaves people feeling so empty, depressed and self-loathing in the end.

Please don’t dismiss this as just another religious diatribe by some wack job. If you can see past the lie and let go for a minute of whatever beefs you have with the concept of “religion”, you may feel the subtle tugging at your heart. Are you hurting? Are you struggling to find hope? You have everything that money can buy and are adored by millions and yet you are hard-pressed to find a reason to get out of bed everyday? The answer is simple….Jesus.

I am here to give you a message of hope. Jesus is hope. Jesus is love. He can bring you complete and total healing, fulfillment and purpose. Let go of pre-conceived notions about what religion means and just seek Jesus. Find a Bible and read through the book of John. Call a Christian friend. Write me…I’d be happy to talk to you in complete confidence about Jesus and how He can bring meaning to your life that you never imagined.

I’m praying that this letter somehow reaches whomever it needs to and anticipating God doing great things. You know, in the end, nothing else matters but Jesus. Fame, fortune, materialism….it’s all fleeting. It’s all temporary. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that Jesus is real, He’s the Son of God, He died to give you new life and free you from the chains of sin and death, and He is calling out to you now. Answer Him.

****Please feel free to contact me at chelsea_mccafferty @ (without the spaces). Every email I receive it kept completely confidential. I would just like to encourage you and answer any questions you may have. God bless!

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