Keeper of His Home

by Chelsea McCafferty

Family Vacation One Way or Another

on July 22, 2014

_ambrown via photopin cc

I pray that you are all having a wonderful summer vacation. As I peruse Facebook, I see many people enjoying vacations and holidays away from home with the family. It’s so pleasant to take advantage of the time off together. Some families have the resources to go away on trips, visit resorts and theme parks and ever visit other countries. For many, vacation is perfected by a few days away at the beach, soaking up the sun and building sand castles. This time together as a family is so important, and the truth is it can look different to every family.

Those who do not have the funds to travel can still make the most of their time off together, and they should. There are so many activities to enjoy together, bringing the family closer together. Take a hike up to the mountains or picnic in the park. Vacation at home by playing games, doing crafts with the kids, taking on fun family projects, etc. Visit family members you don’t often see or invite people to come and visit. There are just so many ways to spend quality time together, even on a very tight budget.

We will be going on a short family vacation soon and I’ll be sharing a write-up of our trip, what we did together as a family and a review of some of the places we’ll visit. Be ready for pictures! I’d love to hear about your family vacations as well! As the summer winds down, make sure to make the most of this precious time you have together and have a great time!

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