Keeper of His Home

by Chelsea McCafferty

A Family on Mission Together, Stays Together

on June 20, 2014

photo credit: La_ura_ via photopin cc

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20

Throughout the life of any marriage, there are going to be mountain tops and valleys. Some marriages contain far more of one than the other, but both exist in some form. Today we see couples in the valley times calling it quits on the journey far too early. Many times we see Christians giving up because they’ve been in a valley for a while and haven’t been able to find the road up and out.

There are many circumstances that lead us to the valleys. It could be external issues such as financial strain (or other money concerns), health problems, child raising disagreements, a lack of respect and love in the marriage and, most of all, a lack of Jesus in the marriage. What’s interesting is that all of those issues I mentioned could be quickly and easily resolved when one fixes that last most critical point. Jesus in the marriage.

Not “religion” in the marriage. Jesus in the marriage.

Not “spirituality” in the marriage. Jesus in the marriage.

Not “church attendance” in the marriage. Not “charitable giving” in the marriage. Not “singing the hymns, raising the hands, thinking about what’s for lunch after church” in the marriage. It’s all about Jesus. So what was Jesus about?

Jesus was on mission. Jesus was about winning souls to the kingdom. Jesus was about sharing the gospel. Jesus was about making disciples and teaching the Word. Jesus was about praying and interceding. Jesus was about self-sacrifice and service. Jesus died so that others could live. Jesus was on mission.

A family on mission together, stays together. 

You want to combat divorce in the church? We need to get families on mission together. Does that mean they have to pack up their bags and move to the Congo or go to Iraq to share the gospel? Well, if Jesus calls them there then yes! However, being on mission doesn’t always mean going on foreign missions. It can mean that, but what it truly means is living a life of kingdom purpose. Jesus has given us all a commission to be on mission. Our life’s purpose should be to share the gospel and train our children up to do the same. That’s our purpose and our calling…..not SOME Christians, but ALL Christians.

You know what really stifles that missional life of sharing the gospel? DIVORCE!

Yes, it’s hard to be focused on sharing the gospel, ministering to people, sacrificing of your own time, resources and safety even to live out a life of service to the King when we are trying to get the divorce papers in order too. We know that God hates divorce. I tell you that those issues that bring Christian couples to the brink of divorce would be obliterated if they were to give up their lives, pick up their crosses and follow Jesus. It’s that simple.

Jesus lived a life of sacrifice and service. He was living, and dying, for others. The problem with so many marriages today is that people are living for themselves. In most cases, when divorce isn’t about abuse or adultery, it is about those valley times and people just aren’t happy. I tell you with confidence that a couple will not remain in that valley if they are living their lives on mission for Christ. If that means going on a foreign mission, go for it! The happiest marriages in the world are often those families who serve in the mission field. They could be living in a hut, surrounded by violent people and battling malaria and still be more solid in their faith, their marriages and their walk with Jesus than Mr. and Mrs. Smith over here who are getting divorced because they can’t stop bickering about money. It’s not because the missionaries are “better people” or because their lives are perfect. It’s because they have chosen a life of service and sacrifice and being on mission (where ever they are).

When we are fulfilling the calling of the Lord in our lives, the other problems seem to fade away and become manageable. A family who is on mission together, with kingdom purpose in their hearts, stay together. If they keep Christ at the center and the mission always present, they stay together. If they train up their children to follow Christ in this great commission, they stay together and the kids learn what God intended marriage and family to look like.

I want to reiterate that being on mission doesn’t mean you have to pack up and go. It could, but it doesn’t always. It means that your household has a mission-filled aroma about it. It means you work together to best serve the Lord by serving others. You go out and share. You bring people in and minster to them. You seek every opportunity to share the gospel and make disciples. You serve your brothers and sisters in the Lord whenever possible. You feed the hungry and clothe the naked. You care for the widows and orphans. That’s being on mission.

Some of you reading this may be wanting this life but are married to an unbeliever who won’t be on mission with you. Do not try and nag, manipulate or bully your husband into following the Lord…it doesn’t work that way. The best thing you can do is pray, serve the Lord, and love and respect that man of yours all the days of your life. One of those days he may just be won over by your good conduct. Never give up. He is your mission and you will win him over without words, but by being the amazing, respectful, submissive, loving and honoring wife God called you to be. That is the best witness in the world.

So come on families….let’s be on mission for Jesus! Lose your life and find that you gain new life in ways you had never imagined. Thank You Jesus!

2 responses to “A Family on Mission Together, Stays Together

  1. Sasha says:

    I LOVE this!

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