Keeper of His Home

by Chelsea McCafferty

Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

on May 28, 2014

photo credit: Josh Liba via photopin cc

“The hearing ear and the seeing eye, the Lord has made them both.” Proverbs 20:12

This week in our home school my daughter learned about the senses. Our theme song, as we explored the use of our senses, was the old children’s Sunday school song: “Be Careful Little Eyes What You See.” We added hand motions and really made it fun. She loves the song. I do too. I also thought about the words. We are cautioning these little ones to guard their eyes, ears, tongue and hands from doing and experiencing evil. Those are important concepts for them to grasp and use throughout their lives. Still, as much as we caution them, a huge amount of that responsibility rests with us while our little ones are in our care.

As parents, what are we allowing our children to see and hear? I have found over the years that my daughter hears and sees more than I’m aware. Whenever I think that she’s not paying attention, she is! Whenever I think I’ve whispered something softly enough, I haven’t! Or what about those super embarrassing moments when your kids rat you out to an outsider about how you said this or that? Yeah, they are listening. They are seeing.

My daughter is a little sponge, soaking up everything around her. I confess I’ve made some bad choices over the last couple of years with what I’ve allowed her to see and hear, even in the background. I’ll never forget a night when we were watching a movie at my mom’s house. The kids were off playing and we didn’t think they were paying any attention to the television. The movie had some cursing in it. I was horrified when my sweet, little toddler walked up to my brother and repeated one of the not-so-appropriate words she had just heard on the TV! I talked to her about how the man on the TV had said a bad word and that we didn’t want to say bad words like that. Still, I felt convicted, and still do when I allow her to overhear and oversee things that are not edifying for her.

It’s my job to guard her eyes and ears. It’s also my job to direct her hands and tongue to doing and speaking what’s right. She isn’t going to always live up to the standards the Lord has given us, anymore than I do! She is going to need re-directing and discipline, and if I truly love her I will provide it. I will teach those hands to serve the Lord and that tongue to preach His love.

Our children are in our care, and it’s a huge responsibility. Knowing that what we allow them to hear, watch and do is going to affect their lives is a heavy burden. Still, we have the greatest resource in parenting in the Word of God. The book of Proverbs is packed full of wisdom for parents in raising up Godly children. I know I’ve made many mistakes in my raising of my daughter thus far, and I’m sure I’ll continue to make them. I pray only that I am strong enough and wise enough to guard her mind and her heart until she is old enough to do it herself.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. ” Proverbs 22:6


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