Keeper of His Home

by Chelsea McCafferty

Mothers Of All Kinds

on May 11, 2014


First of all…

Happy Mother’s Day!

This day always comes with mixed emotions for me. I love celebrating my own  mother, a beautiful woman who blesses my life in so many ways. I love to celebrate how almost five years ago I became the mother of a precious gift from heaven. After many years of infertility, she was an amazing and perfect gift from the Father and I cherish her beyond words. I love being her Mommy. Now I once again am struggling with secondary infertility and am aware that it’s not likely I will have any more biological children (although my God does love to prove us wrong by working wonderful miracles!).

I remember the Mothers Days before my daughter was born, when the pain of my barrenness was magnified like a kid holding a magnifying glass up to an ant with the sun directly overhead. I could barely manage the aching of my heart. I wanted to be a mom so badly, and I was blessed that God answered that prayer and desire. Today I wonder what the future holds. As we work to become certified to do foster/adoption, I wonder if this time next year I’ll be the mother of another child or two who did not come from my body, but certainly would be placed into my heart by the Father above who loves them.

I realize today more than before that mothers are not always biological. Sometimes we are mothers through adoption. Sometimes we are mothers through spiritual mothering and discipleship. Being a music teacher, I sometimes feel like I have 60 kids! I love each one of them and am blessed to be a part of their lives. As a Sunday School teacher we minister to children and love them. Perhaps you open your home to the children of the neighborhood, teach them about the Lord and offer them love and understanding. Mother’s come in all shapes and sizes. They come in a variety of ways and they help mold the lives of children who will never forget them.

Praying today for those who struggle with infertility; who long to have a child. Praying for women who mother children who are not biologically their own. Praying for those who care for children in the foster care system. It’s a hard job but so important. You are making a difference! Praying for moms today that they would be blessed and that they would know what an important and beautiful calling they possess. May the Lord bless you, strengthen you, encourage you and remind you of how special you are!

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