Keeper of His Home

by Chelsea McCafferty

First Family Trip to Disneyland

on April 24, 2014


We did it! After months of planning and saving we embarked on our first ever family Disneyland trip! It was a blast with many fun, and also a few bizarre, adventures. While I tried not to faint every time I saw the price of a drink or the cost of a balloon, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and especially loved the looks of wonder and amazement on my daughter’s face. Special memories indeed!

We decided to make this a big trip, so we arranged for my in-laws from Scotland to come for a visit at the same time. We were already taking my mother with us, which was so special for me and my daughter. We picked my in-laws up at the airport on Sunday and then spent Monday at Disneyland and Tuesday at California Adventures. Five adults and one child please! haha it was actually more like six children! It’s funny how being in Disneyland makes you feel like a kid all over again.


My daughter had some really fun experiences. She was hand-chosen (literally) for a stroll around the square with Minnie Mouse. She showed no fear as she walked around holding Minnie’s hand with pride. She met many princesses (though not Anna and Elsa due to the 3 1/2 hour wait!) and other fun characters. She just loved meeting the characters! She also LOVED the parade. She knew and sang all the songs and waved to the characters as they danced by. Yep, she’s my daughter! hehe

Some of the attractions Tabitha liked best were: the Aladdin Musical (superb), meeting Merida and other princesses, the Monster’s Inc ride, Dumbo, Roger Rabbit Ride, Toy Story Mania ride and several others. She was also blessed by her grandparents in getting some pretty cool souvenirs.


It was a great trip, BUT every fun adventure has to come with a few unexpected twists and turns. We had TWO! Our first crazy incident happened in Disneyland. My husband’s parents had decided not to wait with us in line to meet Merida so we left them in a nice shaded seating area and went to meet our favorite Scottish princess. About 45 minutes late (when we were done), we returned to find no scottish parents. They didn’t have a phone and we had no way to contact them to find out where they were. We sat and waited while my husband started searching. We figured they had wandered off to find something and gotten lost, which is exactly what happened. Eventually they ended up wandering outside of the park and then security was giving them a hard time about getting back in. They asked a stranger to call us and we were so relieved to hear from them! It had been 3 hours! My husband met them at the front and they were able to get back in and enjoy the rest of the day. Haha…yeah. We lost my in-laws for 3 hours at Disneyland. That’s a pretty crazy twist.


Our second adventure was my mother being locked out of her hotel room. When we returned from D-land, we found that her room, which was adjoining to ours, was locked. Apparently when the maid closed the door, it made one of the locks shift over. It took them about a hour to get in and they had to cut the lock. They did give us a refund for one night for the inconvenience so that was nice.

Despite our little issues, we had a great time and can’t wait to get back. It was a sweet time of bonding, having fun and just being young at heart. Thanking the Lord today for providing for our trip and getting us home safely! God bless!


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