Keeper of His Home

by Chelsea McCafferty

Review “Son of God” Movie

on March 2, 2014

The media has not been lacking in reviews for the “Son of God” movie that has the Christian community excited (some positively and some negatively). Before watching the film, I read several articles in favor of the movie and several others that were not so flattering. So I saw the movie for myself, asked the Lord for discernment and have put together my own thoughts on this movie that has Christians lining up for miles to see. Here’s my review of “Son of God”:

Having read some negative articles sharing concerns that the “Son of God” movie had twisted scripture or misrepresented Jesus, I tried to be on my toes from the opening scenes through to the ending credits. I didn’t want to miss anything that may have been out of sort. I’ll share a couple of positives and negatives for the movie and then my overall opinion.

Positive Points

I thought the movie was well-made. The actors and actresses were all very good….especially the one to play the character of Jesus. I found him to really bring out the love and compassion of Jesus. Most of the lines were straight from scripture and were spoken naturally and powerfully. In this movie, one is given no reason to doubt whatsoever that Jesus was the sinless Son of God, that He was God and that He was the only way to salvation. Not a hint of religious pluralism anywhere. His nature, ministry, death and resurrection are all accurately represented and well-presented. There were also some great parallels and contrasts made, as we see the religious zealots of the day practicing rituals and totally missing the Messiah who was before their very eyes! There were few dry eyes at the end of the movie, which celebrated Christ’s victory over the grave and His promised return.

Negative Points

While I feel the movie was pretty accurate for the most part, there were a few errors here and there. None of them were big enough to greatly concern me. There was some artistic license taken in trying to make the movie flow smoothly. I didn’t like that part of the trial, in which Jesus is sent to Herod, is missing from the movie, but my husband pointed out that it was following the gospel of John and he did not record that part of it. Still, I would have preferred some mention of it. One of the points that has had some people in an uproar is that Mary Magdalene is always traveling with the disciples where ever they go. Some feel this is an attempt to give Mary a higher role, and therefore trying to justify female pastors and such. I agree that having Mary with the disciples all the time was a mistake, and I would have preferred them not to have done it that way, but I also don’t see it as a big enough reason to boycott the film. The whipping scene was also not as realistic as I would expect.

Final Thoughts

I thought this was a good movie and worth the time to see it. I think it has the ability to touch hearts. We know the Word of God does not return void, and the Word of God is spoken much during the movie. I don’t think the movie was as good or better than “Passion of the Christ” from a few years back, but it was good. I believe Jesus was represented well and the gospel message came through loud and clear. Was it perfect? No. There were some points where they missed the mark. That being said, I think people can get a good idea of who Jesus was, why He came and that He is the only way to salvation from this movie, and that’s definitely the most important goal.

6 responses to “Review “Son of God” Movie

  1. Thanks for this.
    The first time we ever opened a Bible in our home was during the excitement around Jesus Christ, Superstar, which is a totally goofed up retelling, at best. The power of the Gospel is that strong, we actually began questioning our disdain for it, then.
    So, who knows, eh?

  2. […] wife has also done an awesome review of this movie on her blog @ Keeper Ministries – (I will not be offended if you comment and say you liked her review […]

  3. ryanruckman says:

    Wow, another great post! Thank you sister.

  4. Carmen Lara says:

    Well written, good review. Thanks Chelsea.

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